Nails + Nosh
Nails + Nosh
Nails: Essie tart deco
Nosh: Dominique Ansel key lime tart
Nails: cnd shellac lobster roll 
Nosh: Dominique ansel dka
Nails: opi red my fortune cookie
Nosh: raspberry almond croissant from bouchon bakery
Nails: Essie where’s my chauffeur 
Nosh: Morgenstern’s green tea pistachio ice cream
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Essie Nail Polish in Tart Deco with Homemade Smore’s!

Nails: Wet N Wild fast dry- black,  Sinful Colors- Snow Me White, Sinful Colors- Smokin, and brown acrylic paint
Nosh: Sheetz, Vegetable Pizza